Ostrich Leather

Ostrich leather is richly textured with distinctive quill marks and a natural grain pattern resembling the valleys and hills of an undulating landscape. This multi-dimensional character of ostrich leather inevitably invites the onlooker's touch. Colour nuances of the finished skin give the leather a lively look and contribute to a sense of individuality. When polished, the raised parts of the skin create a warm two-tone effect - something which cannot be done with bovine leather. Ostrich leather is available in a wide range of up to 400 colours. Skins can also be coloured to meet client specifications. This is a durable yet soft and supple leather.
Ostrich are mainly found in the Klein Karoo area of South Africa and their skins are considered an exotic product due to the texture of the skin. Jennifer Middleton sources her skins from the highest accredited tanneries in South Africa. Applicable CITES documents are available and can be requested for international orders.