About Us

“Jennifer Middleton was founded while I pursued a career as a professional ballet dancer. ‘Ballet is about creating beautiful lines through movement and I wanted to expand on this experience by creating beautiful lines through design'. With the help of my mother who taught me to sew and to design basic patterns I first started a project called Just J Bags.
In 2010 my inspirational uncle took an interest in my creative venture and offered to buy me an industrial sewing machine with a challenge; to start making leather handbags. I entered the fascinating world of leather crafting and was enthralled by this new journey. I have always been inspired by the richness of African culture and I am eager to share something of this splendor through the use of the highest quality African leather skins, fabrics and accessories. I have incorporated my love for dancing by naming the bags after characters in famous ballets.
In 2012 I was privileged to have the opportunity to study Handbag Design at Central Saint Martin's College of Fashion and Art in London. It is during this time that I worked on the first designed range for the Jennifer Middleton collection.”

Jennifer Middleton